Fire Safety CPDs

Trident Fire & Security Group are pleased to be able to offer CPD sessions, run by Gent on behalf of Trident. We at Trident believe that we should offer opportunities to enable our customers to learn more about their Fire Alarm System. The CPD sessions will help you learn more about the current standards and regulations surrounding Fire Alarm Systems. These CPDs can cover a range of topics from looking at a real fire that occurred in a nursing home to false alarms and how they can be limited in the workplace.

The CPDs currently on offer are:

  • Comply, Stay Alive!
  • False Alarms…Be-gone!

All CPDs are FREE and lunch can also be provided. CPDs will be held on your site. If you are interested in taking part in a CPD session please contact:

Thomas Lowe
Office Number: 01254 414 000
Mobile: 07771 815 003