Gent Vigilon

The Gent Vigilon system is the most comprehensive life saving system on the market and a must for anyone who values safety, reliability and convenience.  Utilising the very latest technology that combines powerful control panel software and highly intelligent loop powered devices, the Vigilon is both simple to install and use; making it the life saving system of choice for buildings of any size.

The bottom line is that your safety is paramount; therefore you want a system that meets the most demanding of requirements while removing the complication and unnecessary hassle that often crops up with alarm systems.  The Gent Vigilon remains one of the most reliable and complete systems available; providing the ultimate in control panel aesthetics whilst ensuring the safety of your building and the people in it at all times.

The innovative Vigilon analogue addressable fire system comes with a whole host of features designed to make it the most sophisticated system on the market.  In the event of a fire the Gent Vigilon system will provide you with a clear and concise breakdown of information, enabling you to fully understand what has taken place, when and where.  The Vigilon fire system can also provide you with a complete historic log of the system’s management information so that if there is a fault somewhere in the system, you can quickly and easily navigate through the fault’s history.  

Trident Fire Systems prides itself on delivering fire detection and alarm systems of the highest quality - innovative in design yet simple to use.  We have many years experience in providing buildings of all shapes and sizes with life saving systems that work, and have earned a significant reputation for the reliability and effectiveness of our products.  At Trident we believe that you can never be too careful when it comes saving lives; with the Gent Vigilon, you’ll have all the protection you need.