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Gent By Honeywell offers a range of Voice Alarm systems to suit a wide range of sites and applications. All systems are integrated with the Vigilon Fire Detection system.

Vigilon Voice has its alarm cause and effect managed directly by interfaces on the Vigilon powered loop. Vigilon Compact Voice goes a step further with the control and indicating equipment itself being housed in a single compact enclosure. integrates the is an integrated fire detection, voice alarm and public address system combining powerful Vigilon analogue addressable fire detection and the latest voice evacuation technology

The Vigilon Compact Voice Control panel uniquely integrates the functions Fire Alarm panel Voice Alarm control in a single self contained unit This market leading solution delivers clear, intelligible voice alarm messages through loudspeakers in relevant zones and allows live emergency messages to be relayed through a built-in microphone for a greatly improved response in the event of an emergency.

Compact Voice offers additional value with capabilities for non-emergency public addressing and background music to enhance the everyday use of the building.

Compact Voice manages two standard Vigilon detection loops compatible with the whole range of loop powered devices In addition each loop can control Distributed Amplifier Ubits with up to 10 mains powered DAU’s including the innovative loop powered “micro-DAU’s”

With up to 10 alarm zones Vigilon Compact Voice is an ideal solution for small and medium Voice Alarm systems compliant with EN54 part 16.

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